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Getting Out of a Self Care Rut with Ease

Finding yourself in a rut with daily routines is completely normal. During this pandemic, things have felt particularly mundane with so many experiences, like travel and seeing friends regularly, being put on hold. The feeling of being on autopilot can happen with anything and your self care rituals are definitely not excluded from that. The very practices that used to make you feel relaxed and recharged may not have the intended effect anymore. This can be deflating and it completely sucks. This realization might leave you wanting to abandon your self care practices altogether, which will ultimately leave you feeling more drained. There has got to be a better way, right?


The effects of remote working on mental health

For many people before 2020, working from home would have been a dream job. However, now that just under half of the American workforce is still working remotely, some of those who once considered this opportunity a dream might be rethinking their opinions. While working from home often allows greater flexibility, less commute time and more freedom, it can also have some adverse effects too, including loneliness and burnout. Combine those two things with the stress of the pandemic, and the result is exactly what health institutions are reporting: an increase in mental health issues and challenges.