• Ehi Aimiuwu

Feeling Left Out?

Feeling left out in the job with the team you’re working with? Here are some tips to manage the situation.

Understand the circumstances

(deadlines, context of the situation, priority of the work) When you’re face to face with the drama and chaos it may be a good idea to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Most of the time it isn’t personal.  People need to get things done period which means everything and everyone need to get out of the way when the deadlines are approaching rapidly.  

Take a breather before you react.

Jump back into work if you can. This is a part of work resiliency, what can be solved that’s in your control, what can be delegated, what don’t you need to worry about at all and move forward.

Define your feelings.

Get through them. Cry if you need to cry. Jump back into your work.  Holding it in causes more stress.  But do not take it out on other people. 

If you’re at your limit and cannot function how you normally do. 

Walk away.

Please walk away. You can always explain yourself later, rather can apologize for the things you did out of your emotions later. 

Get feedback.

Sometimes it’s all in our head. We experience situations where something small or bug may happen and we completely misinterpret it. You deserve to know the truth. Rather than torturing yourself over and over again. 

And like I always say.

Get support on how you can work through this situations. Either with a professional like a therapist or through a mentor either from work or in your line of work. 

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